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    smart Center – Milwaukee, WI: As the summer months have made their entrance, albeit with roller coaster-like weather, so have some of America’s classic summer events. The quintessential American summer event, however, is the road trip. The quintessential road trip vehicle? The station wagon. While the popularity of station wagons has unquestionably died down, their bravado and place in history (even road trip history) has not. As such, Innovative Media was thrilled at the thought of a “woody” wrap for a smart car when approached by a customer through smart Center Milwaukee. Creatively working with the customer and smart management, Innovative Media custom-tailored this smart car wrap (3M vinyl) utilizing a hand-picked wood grain finish and covering the vehicle’s doors to create a fantastic fusion of modern technology (the smart car) and a classic, vintage style (the “woody”). The team at Innovative Media had a wonderful experience in creating the wrap, as well as working with smart Center Milwaukee and its customer. If taken on a road trip, we certainly hope the customer and their family arrive at Wally World more smoothly than the Griswolds.

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