File Support

  • Sending us your pre-designed artwork?

    We recommend downloading our specs PDF and giving us a call. A breif talk with one of our designers will speed up your job and minimize potential additionl design costs.

    We accept art @ 1/1 or 1/10 scale from the following software:

    Photoshop v7 thru CC | Illustrator v9 thru CC | InDesign 3.01 thru CC

    A separate file is requested for each layout contaning ALL and ONLY the content of the printed piece. The minimum resolutions needed for our printers are listed below.

    Output Device
    Output Device
    Output Device
    HP DesignJet5000
    120 ppi
    1200 ppi
    HP 9000
    100 ppi
    1000 ppi
    PressVu UV 200/600
    60 ppi
    600 ppi
    VUTEK 5300/3360
    50 ppi
    500 ppi

    Contact your sales representative at (248) 537-8500
    or TOLL FREE 1.866.717.4467

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